Who I am Assignment

All students are to create a multimedia presentation about themselves that will be shared with their group members on their private wikispaces page once they are paired up. It is meant to help the students understand who they are working with and learn some of what it is like to live in a different place. Students have the freedom to use whatever tools they choose to describe who they are, where they are from, what their interests are and anything else they wish to include. Presentations should at minimum include pictures and descriptions. The students may also decide to share their presentation with the other members of the group.

We would like students to create their presentation using an online tool, so they can have the experience and as well we won't have to worry about transporting documents or files from computer to computer etc. Below are links to several online tools that students may want to choose to use. The tools all require a sign up for a free account. If there is a concern about being able to use one of these tools we could make an exception and allow powerpoint or some other presentation software.

Tools to use


www.prezi.comThis is a great presentation tool that uses on large page that you zoom in and zoom out of and create a path to navigate through the presentation. They also have student accounts.

You can see Ms. Sue's example here.


www.photopeach.com Slideshow tool

You can see Mr. Rowney's example here.
Mr. Rowney A little about me on PhotoPeach


www.edu.glogster.com Create a poster about yourself


www.myebook.com Create an ebook about yourself


www.mixbook.com Another tool to create an online ebook.


Create a google account and use google docs to create a slideshow